Our Story Begins, as Most Stories Do, with the Words "Once Upon a Time"...

Once Upon a Time, in the Land of Aeden, peace was hard won after a terrible time of war.


Leviathan, Lord of Beasts attempted to regain what was once his, Creation and all its bounty. With monsters and other creatures under its thrall, Leviathan laid waste to Aeden, seeing her people as no more than food or fodder.

But what the Dark Beast did not foresee that its prey would not simply go to their end. The people of Aeden united to protect their their home, and they won the day, banishing the Beast to a place of terrible darkness.

NowLeviathan waits, Lord of the Abyss, with nothing but rage and revenge to sustain its black heart. It bides its time, waiting for its next chance to wreak havoc upon Creation. It knows its time is coming soon.

But Aeden stands, and her peoples' memories are long. It is a time of relative peace, with the different races putting aside past enmities to build a stronger nation. 

Magic and science, will and word, strength and savvy...all will be brought to bear to protect Aeden from the Beast and the creatures that act as its dark agents.

While victory and triumph are never assured, valor and sacrifice are never in vain.

For good or for ill, Life is Ever Onward Bound.


Onward Bound was created by Darrick “DC” Chen in 2003. Beginning as a loose collection of characters created during a youth spent cartooning, writing and mucking about in online roleplaying chatrooms, he brought them all together into a single narrative and found a world of adventure waiting for him. In the nearly 2 decades since, the world of Aeden has taken form through a wide array of stories, told through comics, audio drama, and the written word. Along the way, DC was able to find friends and allies to help shape the world of Aeden and bring it to the world. Though it takes stylistic influence from the American Old West, Onward Bound is a original fantasy setting that draws inspiration from myriad sources that shaped its creators. Sources such as anime and manga; the works of Tolkien, King, Weis and Hickman; video games; and of course table-top RPGS. Its creators wish to establish Onward Bound as a heroic fantasy, where hope and courage spur heroes forward in the face of danger and sometimes insurmountable odds.