“Justice was born here on these rude streets and in the hearts of the people who walk them.”

-Dovus Graves, the Patron Saint of Justice


“A lot o’ times, justice ain’t just granted. Y’can’t expect it to be delivered t’you like some gift, pretty-please with a bow. True justice gotta be fought for, if it’s gonna matter.”

-Radd Risk


Known as both the crossroads and the breadbasket of Aeden, St. Graves is the second largest city in the country  The city is located in the central part of Aeden, which makes it a hub of trading. On the north, St. Graves is bordered by Kindala Forest and vast stretches of fertile farmland on the city’s other three borders. While numerous crops are grown in large quantities, including wheat, corn, beans and other vegetables, one of the main cash crops in the area is tobacco. Numerous farms have banded together to grow significant quantities of tobacco for both medicinal use as well as recreational smoking.


Often called The Crossroads of Aeden, St. Graves is a city driven by commerce and trade. Multiple raw and completed goods pass through the city from other points of Aeden, including mechanical creations from the Artificer’s Guild in St. Aven, as well as metalworks from the Dwarves of Ironshod Mountain.

History: Named after a man known only as Graves, who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the Chosen and became the patron Saint of Justice, St. Graves is the home city of a citizen law enforcement organization known as the Justicars. What was once an august organization of honorable lawmen though, has fallen far from its proud heritage. While there are still Justicars who are true to their calling, including Samson Smalls, the current Chief Justicar, who is often called the last honest lawman in St. Graves. The Justicars operate in and around the city, but the farther away from the borders of St. Graves, their influence and respect wanes. 


Citizenry: 60% Human, 15 % Dwarves, 10% Elves, 5% Gnomes, 5% Orcs, 5% Collected Other.