The Government of St.Graves

St. Graves is led by a council of citizens who are elected every six years. The council members represent the different districts of the city, such as Uptown, Midtown, and Low Town. There is also a council member who represents the large number of farmers who reside and operate outside of the city. The council collaborates with the city governor, Armand Targast, to manage the city.

  • Uptown -- Yasmine Blythe. A wealthy socialite as well as a skilled mage, Yasmine Blythe is one of the most powerful citizens of St. Graves in both business and the arcane arts. The Blythe family being one of the oldest in the city, they made their fortune in trade and the maufacture of wagons. Since its earliest days, Blythe Wagoneers has expanded its product line to the airship yards, firmly establishing it as one of the most powerful businesses in the region. Yasmine’s second husband Kristofer was Uptown’s representative until his untimely death on the factory floor. Yasmine assumed his position on both the Council and the company. Her ability to connect with both the common folk and the mages grants her a position of respect in both communities. Even so, councilwoman Blythe can effect an icy demeanor, which has helped earn her reputation as a fierce politician and shrewd businesswoman. Though her eldest son Charles oversees daily administration of her family’s company, Blythe handles all major dealings personally.

  • Midtown -- Natasha Orlain. Noted silversmith Natasha Orlain has served on the Council for several terms. Orlain’s shop has grown into a prosperous business in Midtown and now employs multiple smiths. Orlain Silversmiths specializes in the production of common household goods, such as candlesticks, serving platters and the like. The artisan’s shop also has a line of accessories that would include jewelry and silver-capped walking sticks. Orlain has a fierce rivalry with some of the other craftsmen who make similar items. She has used her position on the Council to benefit her business over those of her economic rivals. 

  • Low Town --  Kristobal Jakobus. The only non-human on the Council, Jakobus, a gnome, was once a well-known member of a travelling group of gnomish performers. His act of “Powerful Prognostication and Prestidigitation” was more suited to a grand theater than performing in front of a vargo -- particularly as he got older. After spending years travelling the Frontier and the other great cities of Aeden, Jakobus settled in St. Graves. He rose to prominence first as a performer, then as the proprietor of a theatre. That fame helped him secure a seat on the Council. He is the owner of The Grande Opera House, one of the more distinguished theaters in the Theatre District.

  • The Fields -- Filip Mahris. A wealthy tobacco farmer, Filip Mahris represents the agricultural interests outside of the city limits on the Council. In his mid 40s, Mahris and his family have farmed the area for several generations. The Mahris tobacco has become one of the premier choices for smokers. In addition to tobacco, the Mahris family also grows many other crops for both local consumption and for export.