Darrick “DC” Chen - Onward Bound Creator, Storyteller in Chief


DC has spent half of his life reading comics, playing video games (particularly Japanese RPGs), and watching a lot of cartoons. This has largely determined the course of the second half of his life, which started around the time he discovered tabletop RPGs. DC created Onward Bound in the Winter of 2003 as the setting for a RPG session he intended to be a one shot, but instead blossomed into a four-year long campaign, Between then and now, he has presented the world of Aeden in several forms, including webcomics, graphic novels, audio plays, short stories, and most recently, a genuine TTRPG setting. It’s his pleasure to bring the world of Onward Bound to you. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and daughter.

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Alex Keown - Narrative Designer

Alex Keown is a full-time freelance writer, storyteller, and journalist. He began playing RPGS in the early 1980s with D&D and dabbled in a number of other game systems over the years. Alex loves world building and then creating stories that take place within those worlds. Alex currently lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two children.


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Sara Banahan - Art Director


I’ve spent a life time admiring the arts and the world of creativity while chained to a small back lab with no windows or fresh air, trapped in the world of chemistry. With the push of a few good friends I waved farewell to my manufacturing position, and left the field I shamefully pursued a degree in. My outlook was bright, and now here I am. I have been privileged enough to work with the Onward Bound team as the main artist for many of the illustrations and occasional play-test gamer. I’ve poured my heart and soul into many of these simple drawings and I thoroughly hope all who see these images are sent into the universe of Onward Bound. If you wish to contact me for artwork I can be reached on my Deviantart page!

Jennifer Rogers - Primary Mechanics, Rulesmaestra

One of two masterminds behind the Maestra Engine, and the primary writer of its core systems.  When not working on it or acting as a freelance writer and illustrator, she can be found at her computer playing video games and TTRPGs.  When not there, she can be seen bopping about her garden or taking care of her mother. Though she began her college experience hoping to become a video game designer, the intense pressure of the industry (and the toll it took on her health) pushed her down a more personally fruitful path: tabletop games.  There her multiple creative hobbies (art, writing and roleplaying) gave her design skills something to work on without the frantic paces of game design.

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Heather Rogers - Primary Mechanics, Rulesmaestra

Heather is the creative director and lead designer of the Maestra Engine.  Like her sister, she has a background in game design, though the narrative aspects are what appeal to her most.  Her true passion has always been in writing stories, and she is always looking for new ways to explore her ideas and characters.  Tabletop games, therefore, were a natural fit for her. It was through a search for a more narratively-focused set of mechanics that the Maestra engine came to be.

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Robert Sroka -Creature Design


Having grown up a midwestern only child, Mr. Sroka has a creative mind and interesting perspective on the world around him. When not working on Onward Bound related entries, Robert can be found working with high school students with various needs, being a high school anime club advisor, reading ,or spending time with friends and family. A steady childhood diet of kaiju and Ray Harryhausen films, T.V. programs such as Unsolved Mysteries and Sightings,  dinosaurs, folklore of the world. Mr. Sroka is also known to time to time enter art entries on Mythical Beasts Wars.